i really really really love jesus. i have a thing for movie scores and a dream job would be to put them together. sometimes i stay in my pjs an entire day. i adore watching trailers, but hate going to the movie theater. i love music and searching for songs. (current favorite: maddy brown by my brothers & i) my favorite way to exercise is to kickbox. my go-to camera is the one in the photograph to the left, my grandfather's old 35mm. i have a really strong intuition that sometimes i think is a superpower. i really love to laugh. and obliviously, if you're paying attention to the website you're on, you know i love to photograph things. well, not just things, mostly people. because i think people are incredible and they fascinate me so i like to spend my time photographing them. people in love is my favorite thing to photograph. whether it be a family and their joy in being together, or a newly married couple.