erin and cullen {wedding}

I had the absolute privilege and honor to help shoot Erin and Cullen's wedding this October. They are some of the sweetest people on Earth and I could not be more happy for them.
congrats, Erin and Cullen! 

hayley and p.j {wedding}

On Saturday, I had the privilege of taking Hayley and P.J's wedding photos. 
I went to the salon with Hayley and her bridesmaids to capture their hair being curled and make-up being done as well as the hotel for the dresses to be put on. 
And then, to the ceremony for, well, the wedding!
It was a day full of joy and laughter and I enjoyed ever moment of it.
Thank you, Hayley and P.J., for letting me tag along on your big day!

ross and rachel {wedding}

My cousin got married last week and they asked to take photos of their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
I loved seeing the things normally people don't see during a wedding.
It was so fun and sweet to photograph.
Congratulations , Ross and Rachel! 

emily and chris {wedding}

This weekend I had the privilege of driving to Birmingham to shoot with the amazing photographer Allison Lewis. Combine shooting with an awesome photographer, a precious couple and a gorgeous day?

Congrats Emily and Chris!