lee {family}

There is simply no greater joy than photographing a family so close to your heart. 
Lees, thank you for making the trip to North Carolina one of the best, we love y'all! 

claire {baby}

I got the absolute pleasure of taking pictures of the most adorable baby with the biggest personality today. Take a look, she has a smile that's contagious already. 

williamson {family}

I had the privilege of taking this sweet family's pictures last fall and I was overjoyed when they asked again. they are some of the kindest people and so fun to photograph. not to mention these two brothers are the cutest things ever. 

jediah {newborn}

There is something so special about getting to capture a baby's first days at home. Where routine is starting to settle in, each moment becomes a first and life as a family begins. 
Welcome to the world, Jediah. You are so loved. 

baylee & georgia {personal}

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to travel 487 miles to visit my best friend and her family in a small town in Indiana. 
while I was there, we not only ate too much ice cream, but we ventured out into fields to have a magnificent photo shoot.
gorgeous light+lots of love= photographs that will hang on my wall for years to come.

hayes {family}

this session the other weekend was a complete blast, full of giggles and lots of games. not to mention these two are some of the most precious children around. 
thank you hayes for letting me tag along, I enjoyed every minute of it!